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The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat

by Dr. Seuss
 Table of Contents

The Cat in the Hat Lines 111-130 Summary

Gravity Prevails (Temporarily)

  • Ouch. The Cat falls on his head and everything falls—including the fish.
  • Don't worry, the fish falls into the teapot, so he's safe.
  • Safe, yes. Happy, no. We can tell by his yelling. He doesn't think this is "a good game" (68). (Party pooper.)
  • Now our Cat looks dismayed, for once, as the fish rants and raves about what a big mess the Cat has made. 
  • The fish is particularly adamant about the inappropriateness of the Cat's presence while the mother is away. 
  • In no uncertain terms, the fish tells the cat to beat it.

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