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The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat


by Dr. Seuss

The Cat in the Hat Lines 160-176 Summary

They Won't Bite

  • Childhood just wouldn't be complete without Thing One and Thing Two, which the Cat releases from the box.
  • To our relief, the Cat reassures the kids and the fish: "These Things will not bite you./ They want to have fun" (165).
  • The creatures are identical and about the size of the boy and Sally. They have white faces and necks, and bushy, blue hairdos. Quite a look.
  • Ever so fashionable, they sport full-body red PJs, each with a large white circle on the chest. Inside the circles are their names: Thing One and Thing Two. That seems to be the only way to tell them apart.
  • Happy and smiling, the Things run out of the box and straight for Sally and her brother.
  • All they want to do is shake hands, it seems. So the boy shakes hands with Thing One and the girl shakes hands with Thing Two.

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