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The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat


by Dr. Seuss

The Cat in the Hat Lines 66-86 Summary

A First-Class Balancing Act

  • Turns out, once the Cat has you up in the air, it's not that easy to come down. The fish is kind of freaking out.
  • To assuage the fish's fears, the cat (still balancing the fish) stands on a ball on his tippy-toe—or tippy-paw? On a finger of his non-fish-holding hand, he balances a book. 
  • Interesting use of a book, right? See "Symbols, Imagery, and Allegory" for more on that tidbit.
  • With amazing speed, never dropping the fish or the book or falling off the ball, the Cat adds a bunch of stuff to his balancing act: a toy boat, a birthday cake, another book, and a tray holding a bottle and a glass of what looks like milk. Yum.
  • Think that trick's impressive? Soon enough, the Cat starts hopping on the ball, still balancing all that stuff.

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