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The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat


by Dr. Seuss

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Seussville, Ahoy!

The Cat in the Hat runs things in Seussville, so you're sure to have a good time.

The Art of Dr. Seuss

Want a taste of Dr. Seuss's grown-up art? Here's your chance. Our favorite: "Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town."

Dr. Seuss National Sculpture Garden

If you're anywhere near Springfield, Massachusetts, head on over to Seuss's hometown. You'll even catch a glimpse of the Cat in the Hat with his alter ego, Dr. Seuss.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That

Make sure you hit mute before you check this one out during naptime. PBS kids delivers on games, videos, and printable activities for your kids to color.

Movie or TV Productions

The 1971 TV Movie

The Cat in the Hat takes on a classic cartoon style in this short. It's no surprise Dr. Seuss himself was behind the whole marvelous thing.

Boo on the Box Office

Sure, Mike Myers is a little creepy as the Cat, but this movie takes the mayhem to whole new level.

Articles and Interviews

The Inside Scoop

This fun and loving account of columnist Anna Quindlen's relationship with Seuss' work will definitely pull on the heartstrings.

"The Children's Authors Who Broke the Rules"

The title says it all. Read about how Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak, and Shel Silverstein try to get your kids to be bad. We knew they were trouble…


Trailer Time

Cover your eyes if you're easily creeped out by grown men in cat costumes.

The Movie, The Whole Movie, and Nothing But The Movie

Yep. Here's the entire 1971 animated movie for your viewing pleasure.

Games, Anyone?

The Cat is so crazy, of course he'd want a video game.


New Seuss Stories Discovered

The whole lost-stories thing only adds to the enigma that is Dr. Seuss.

The Origin Story

On its 50th anniversary, The Cat in the Hat is still moving readers young and old(er).


Cat Behind The Hat

Feast your eyes on this Seuss-Cat self-portrait combo.

Self Portrait of the Author Worrying About His Next Book

Did Seuss take his worrying seriously?

Seuss With His Prized Pet

Yes, Dr. Seuss has his own life-sized Cat in the Hat. And yes, we're jealous.

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