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by Joseph Heller

Colonel Cathcart Timeline and Summary

  • Cathcart raises the number of missions to fifty.
  • He volunteers his troops for the Ferrera mission.
  • He raises the number of missions to fifty-five.
  • Cathcart ruins Major Major's life by telling him he has been promoted in front of his peers.
  • He gives Yossarian a medal for the Ferrera mission.
  • We learn that Cathcart has ambitions to become a general.
  • He meets with the chaplain to plan prayer services before missions in the hopes that it will get him into the newspaper. However, he loses confidence and the prayers never start.
  • Cathcart dismisses the chaplain's plea to talk about the rising number of missions.
  • He considers Yossarian a threat and makes a list of all the black eyes and feathers in his cap that have been specifically caused by Yossarian.
  • He remembers the time when Yossarian showed up naked in formation and embarrassed him in front of Dreedle.
  • Cathcart tells Korn that he makes Dreedle sick. Cathcart is happy.
  • During Milo's surprise attack, Cathcart berates him for turning against his own country. But Milo is unfazed.
  • Cathcart orders the chaplain to come to the officers' club every night, then kicks him out after Dreedle disapproves it.
  • Cathcart likes Whitcomb's idea of sending out form letters of condolence. He hopes to get into the newspaper with it. He also wants to run another Avignon mission.
  • Cathcart promotes Whitcomb to Sergeant.
  • He raises the number of missions to sixty.
  • Upset by McWatt's suicide, he raises the number of missions to sixty-five.
  • When he learns of Doc Daneeka's fake death, he raises the number of missions to seventy.
  • Cathcart forbids Milo from flying any more combat missions because they need him to run the syndicate.
  • He raises the number of missions to eighty.
  • Colonel Cathcart tells Yossarian they will send him home and cuts a deal with him. If he refuses, he promises to court-martial him. Yossarian accepts.
  • Cathcart and Korn save Yossarian from "Nately's whore." They spin it as Yossarian saving them from a Nazi assassin.