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by Joseph Heller

Catch-22 Lies and Deceit Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

Actually, the pain in his liver had gone away, but Yossarian didn't say anything and the doctors never suspected. (1.8)

Yossarian fools the doctors into thinking he has a liver condition when he doesn't so he can stay in the hospital away from combat duty.

Quote #2

It was a harsh and stunning realization that was forced upon him at so tender an age, the realization that he was not, as he had always been led to believe, Caleb Major, but instead was some total stranger named Major Major Major about whom he knew absolutely nothing and about whom nobody else had ever heard before. What playmates he had withdrew from him and never returned, disposed, as they were, to distrust all strangers, especially one who had already deceived them by pretending to be someone they had known for years. (9.13)

Major Major's friends, who up to this point have always thought of him as Caleb Major, now feel betrayed by his deception (unwilling as it was). The ironic thing is that Major Major feels as betrayed and deceived as anybody, but he has to live with the stigma of the name – and all the loneliness it brings upon him.

Quote #3

[…] people who did lie were, on the whole, more resourceful and ambitious and successful than people who did not lie. (9.116)

Milo discovers that deception has its rewards.

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