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by Joseph Heller

Catch-22: What the Heller’s Going On Here? True or False

1. What does John Yossarian’s job as a bombardier entail? -> Aiming and releasing bombs
2. Of what is Yossarian convinced? -> That the Colonel is a spy
3. What literary device does Joseph Heller use continually throughout the book? -> The complete omission of punctuation in order to disorient and confuse the reader
4. What battle gets a lot of page time? -> The Great Big Siege of Bologna
5. What is the actual name of one of the characters in the book? -> Colonel Colonel Colonel Colonel
6. Aside from being a mess officer in Yossarian’s squadron, what else is Milo Minderbinder? -> A war profiteer
7. What does Aarfy do to Michaela? -> Proposes to her
8. Who stabs Yossarian? -> Nately’s whore
9. Why is Snowden cold? -> A chunk of flak had ripped through him, spilling his guts
10. What is Yossarian’s eventual fate? -> He is killed in his sleep by his best friend