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by Joseph Heller

Catch-22 Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Chapter 1


1. Why is Yossarian in the hospital ward?
2. What is Yossarian's duty in the hospital?
3. What does the Texan think people of means should be given?
4. Who is the only person that can stand the Texan?
5. How does the chaplain respond to everything?


1. He has a “liver condition.”
2. It’s his duty to censor letters.
3. The Texan thinks that people with means should be given more votes than people without means.
4. The solider in white is the only one who can stand him. He is completely immobile and wrapped in gauze. The only visible part of this soldier is his mouth, where there is a hole.
5. The chaplain says “that's good.”