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The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye


by J. D. Salinger

Sunny Timeline and Summary

  • Sunny shows up at Holden's room ready to go. She takes her coat off and sits down on the bed in her green dress.
  • Holden notes that she looks really young (not much older than himself) and nervous.
  • She refuses a cigarette in her "tiny little wheeny-whiny voice" and says "Like fun you are" instead of swearing when Holden tries to claim he's twenty-two. In other words, we can really tell she's a young woman.
  • Sunny takes her dress off and asks Holden if he has a watch. She thinks it's odd that he would rather talk than have sex, and asks him to hang her dress up in the closet so it won't get wrinkled.
  • The dress in particular makes Holden sad; he imagines her going to a store to buy it and the salesman not knowing she was a prostitute.
  • Holden deems her a lousy conversationalist. She believes his story about an operation on his "clavichord," which is more of a musical instrument than a body part that would inhibit his ability to have sex.
  • Sunny starts "getting funny. Crude and all" with Holden, which we know means she tries to get him in the mood. He tells her to cut it out – on account of his operation.
  • This frustrates her, so Holden says he'll pay her and she can leave already.
  • Sunny asks for ten dollars, but shrugs and takes five when Holden insists that all Maurice told him it was supposed to cost only five.
  • Sunny comes back shortly after with Maurice, looking for the other five dollars.
  • While Maurice threatens Holden, she takes the money out of his wallet. She makes a big deal out of the fact that she's only taking five and therefore not a thief.
  • Sunny tries to get Maurice to leave (and leave Holden alone) once she's got the money, but can't stop him from punching Holden in the stomach.