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Catching Fire

Catching Fire


by Suzanne Collins

Appearances Quotes in Catching Fire

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Quote #4

Haymitch ignores him and pulls me to my feet roughly. "Oh, excellent." His hand locks under my chin, lifting it. "She's got a photo shoot next week modeling wedding dresses. What am I supposed to tell her stylist?" (8.5)

Here Haymitch uses the importance of Katniss' appearance as an argument for why the new Head Peacekeeper should stop beating her. The way Haymitch explains it, it doesn't matter what Katniss has done or not done to deserve a beating. What matters is her presence at "a photo shoot next week" where she has to look the part "modeling wedding dresses." Of course, Haymitch is using appearances as an excuse to save Katniss, but in a way, her life does depend on her looking the part.

Quote #5

They recognize me. Of course they recognize me. My face is uncovered and I'm standing here outside of District 12 pointing an arrow at them. Who else would I be? (10.10)

As a Games victor, Katniss is both more protected and more endangered than a normal person. People throughout Panem know what she looks like, and if she's "pointing an arrow" it's even more obvious who she is. Hunting by arrow is one of her defining skills as a victor.

Quote #6

He turns me toward a mirror so that I can take in the entire effect. I do not see a girl, or even a woman, but some unearthly being who looks like she might make her home in the volcano that destroyed so many in Haymitch's Quell. The black crown, which now appears red-hot, casts strange shadows on my dramatically made-up face. Katniss, the girl on fire, has left behind her flickering flames and bejeweled gowns and soft candlelight frocks. She is as deadly as fire itself. (15.15)

You know the saying "clothes make the man"? Well here, a new outfit has made Katniss feel like a whole new person: dangerous, lethal, and maybe a little more ready to go back into the arena.

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