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Catching Fire

Catching Fire


by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire Chapter 10 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • At first Katniss doesn't understand the symbol. The strange woman tries to explain it, but then she's joined by another woman.
  • Katniss forces them to explain themselves.
  • The two women are dressed like Peacekeepers, but they're in disguise. One of them is injured. They introduce themselves as Twill and Bonnie. They know who she is, and explain that they are traveling to District 13.
  • Katniss scoffs because 13 doesn't exist. Or so she thinks.
  • Katniss decides to trust them, because she has bad memories about what's happened to other refugees.
  • They take refuge inside the house in the woods, where Katniss often hides, and tell her more of their story.
  • Twill and Bonnie reveal that they came from District 8, where cloth is made and resources are super scarce. Katniss gives them some of her extra food. Bonnie reminds her of Rue (from The Hunger Games).
  • Then Twill and Bonnie explain what's been going on in 8. Almost as soon as the previous Games ended, a rebellion started there, but no one outside 8 knows about it. Twill was actually Bonnie's teacher before they both starting working at a uniform-making factory. Bonnie had been helping Twill hide two uniforms so Twill and her husband could escape from 8 and tell people in other districts what was going on there.
  • After Katniss and Peeta's visit to District 8 on the media tour, the district rebelled. For a moment it seemed like it would work, but then the Capitol's forces moved in and punished everyone harshly.
  • Bonnie's family and Twill's husband died when the Capitol bombed the factory where they worked. Bonnie and Twill only escaped because they were at the school. They gathered their courage, used the uniforms, and escaped.
  • Katniss asks why they're going to 13, and they explain that the Capitol is hiding information about 13. They think it wasn't destroyed and that the people there, who have weapons capabilities, are hiding and planning something.
  • They can tell because the video the Capitol always shows about how they destroyed District 13 is run on a loop. Plus it's the same super-old footage used year after year. Bonnie and Twill are convinced that 13 has been rebuilt.
  • Katniss is intrigued, but still doubtful. She helps Bonnie and Twill anyway by teaching them some rudimentary survival skills and giving them some supplies. She explains the situation in 12, then leaves.
  • She doesn't believe 13 is really out there, though.
  • On her way home Katniss wonders about the mockingjay sign and is concerned that Snow might be manipulating her. She's not sure how much she might have to do with this potential rebellion.
  • She's about to go under the deactivated electric fence that separates the area where she hunts from District 12 when she realizes it's turned on and dangerous.

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