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Catching Fire

Catching Fire


by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire Chapter 11 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Katniss finds it hard not to freak out as she pulls away from the fence. She feels targeted and needs a strategy. Maybe she's being watched. This has happened before, but she never felt so urgent about it.
  • She can't be caught outside the fence and needs a plan. She can't crawl underneath it, so she'll have to get high enough to jump over it.
  • She climbs a huge tree and jumps to the other side. She can tell she has hurt her foot, but she's not sure how bad it is.
  • When she gets home, two Peacekeepers are there. Katniss has to think fast to come up with a reason why she hasn't been home. She can tell they know what really happened.
  • Katniss lies that she was following some bad directions that Prim gave her, and Prim backs her up. Peeta and Haymitch help, and the story seems to be somewhat persuasive.
  • The Peacekeepers inform her that the fence is going to be on constantly from now on, and then they leave.
  • Peeta pushes Katniss to explain her injury. She can't say too much.
  • Her family and Peeta take care of her.
  • The next day, Katniss is too worn out to do much. She just reviews the situation in her head. She thinks about Bonnie and Twill and Snow.
  • Peeta visits her over the next week and the two of them work on a special book about herbs and their properties. Katniss is recording her knowledge about the local wild plant life and Peeta is illustrating it.
  • She learns more about him and they both feel relaxed.
  • Katniss also pays attention to the TV programs to see if she can spot what Bonnie and Twill told her about.
  • She realizes that there is something fishy about the footage of District 13.

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