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Catching Fire

Catching Fire


by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire Chapter 20 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Katniss completely looses it because Peeta has died or is dying.
  • Finnick jumps in and Katniss becomes even more worried that he's going to kill Peeta – if he's not dead already.
  • But Finnick gives Peeta CPR and saves his life.
  • Eventually, just when Katniss has given up all hope, Peeta comes to.
  • Katniss bursts into tears and can't stop crying.
  • She has to be allies with Finnick now.
  • Before they get a move on, Katniss notices that Peeta is wearing a gold neck ornament with a mockingjay on it.
  • As they head back out, Katniss admits that she knew about the field, but she doesn't tell the truth about how. (We know, though. Remember how Beetee and Wiress pointed one out during the training sessions? And how they said the force fields have a weak spot?) Katniss doesn't want the Gamemakers to realize the extent of her knowledge. So she pretends she can hear the field, not saying that she actually saw the shimmery edge.
  • They press on into unknown territory, looking for water.
  • Mags eats some strange nuts, although Katniss thinks it's risky.
  • Despite all the time they've put in, they're not getting anywhere. Katniss climbs a tree to figure out where they are. She soon realizes the arena is shaped like a huge circle.
  • They still don't know where a water source could be, and dehydration is a cruel and slow form of death.
  • They keep going in a new direction, although there's still no sign of water. Finally Mags and Peeta are worn out and they have to stop for the night.
  • They make a camp. Katniss insists on scouting for food and water by herself.
  • A sound of cannon fire comes from far off, booming eight times to indicate the number of people who died that day.
  • Katniss finds some small creatures and kills one to eat. She realizes it's been drinking water, but she can't find the source, so she rejoins her allies.
  • They want to eat but can't make a fire. So Peeta throws pieces of the creature against the shimmery wall. They bounce back cooked.
  • They eat the meat and some nuts Mags found.
  • Then darkness falls and the faces of the dead tributes are projected onto the sky. Two of the nice women Katniss liked have died. The most dangerous tributes are still alive. Eight are gone, so sixteen remain.
  • After the announcement they get a gift from the outside, attached to a little one parachute. It's a little piece of pipe. It's sturdy but they have no idea what it's for.
  • Katniss concentrates, but she can't figure it out. They'll just have to wait and see if they come up with any bright ideas.
  • Her mind wanders and she thinks about what's happening back in District 12. She's hoping her family isn't in danger.
  • Her homesickness leads to an epiphany, though. She figures out what the gift is: it's called a spile and is used to draw liquid out of trees.
  • They realize that's where the water is: in the trees. They use the spile and are able to drink their fill. It's a blessing to have as much water as they want after going so long without it.
  • Now it's easier for them to go to sleep. Finnick keeps watch for the first half of the night.
  • In the middle of the night, Katniss and Finnick hear an unusual sound: a bell chiming twelve times. This has to be significant, but they don't know what it means.
  • Nothing else happens, though, so Finnick goes to sleep while Katniss guards.
  • It rains.
  • Katniss hears a canon shot: somebody else is out of the Games.
  • The rain stops and fog comes into their campsite. Katniss has a funny feeling about it and then realizes that it's burning her. She has to wake the others immediately.

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