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Catching Fire

Catching Fire


by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire Chapter 5 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Peeta and Katniss barely have time to react to the man's death. They are rushed out of the room to join their media team, who don't know what's just happened.
  • They hear more shooting, but Peeta lies and says nothing's happening.
  • Haymitch draws Peeta and Katniss aside so they can have an open, honest chat. They hide at the top of the Justice Building.
  • Katniss explains to Peeta what's happening, her meeting with President Snow, and how they are still in danger, even outside of the arena.
  • Peeta is upset and says he has to be included in what she knows – he's part of this and can't be left out.
  • He's sad because now he realizes the gift he tried to give Thresh and Rue's families will probably just result in tragedy for them – he had no idea.
  • They argue some more and Katniss realizes that, back in the arena, when Haymitch had to pick only one of them to help, he selected Katniss.
  • Peeta storms out.
  • Haymitch says he had to choose one of them and thought Katniss had a better shot.
  • Then they have to regroup, get ready for a dinner, and put on smiles for the cameras.
  • It's not clear who knows what about the punishments that have been inflicted on the people in 11. It seems like Effie doesn't, but Cinna might.
  • As Peeta and Katniss prepare to enter another important event, they make up. He asks her if she just kissed Gale one time and she says yes, only once.
  • Then Katniss and Peeta go to media event after event, acting like they're in totally love.
  • Katniss thinks things are hopeless. In some of the places they visit, it seems like the people are on the verge of rebellion. Pretending to be in love won't stop it.
  • She and Peeta start to depend on each other more and more, just as they did in the arena.
  • The visits to Districts 1 and 2 are really hard. The pressure is building.
  • When their media tour gets to the Capitol, Katniss has the idea that Peeta should propose marriage to her in front of all the cameras. That should prove to everyone they're really in love, right?
  • Peeta is sad because that's not how he wanted it to happen. He always wanted them to get married for real, because they were truly in love. But he does it at their next big interview, conducted by Caesar Flickerman. It seems like the PR stunt is a big success.
  • President Snow is there and he even hugs Katniss (gross). When they embrace, she can sense that he's still not satisfied.

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