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Catching Fire

Catching Fire


by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire Chapter 6 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Katniss realizes she can't win, which almost feels good. At least she knows.
  • She immediately begins plotting an escape for her family and loved ones, which she will start as soon as they get back to her home district. First, though, she has to finish the media tour.
  • She finishes up the interview with as much good cheer as she can muster.
  • Then they head to an amazing party, full of incredible looking food.
  • Katniss is super hungry and Peeta thinks she's acting a little weird.
  • Many of the people at the party have her mockingjay symbol on, but Katniss doubts it means to them what it means to her. It's probably just the latest Capitol fashion trend.
  • Katniss eats as much as she can.
  • The prep team tries to convince her and Peeta to drink some liquid that will make them vomit so they can drink more, but she and Peeta refuse. It all seems wasteful compared to the little they have in 12.
  • She and Peeta dance, talking about what a strange place the Capitol is. Peeta says maybe they should help a rebellion, but it's too dangerous to keep talking about it at the party.
  • A man named Plutarch Heavensbee comes up to dance with Katniss. He's the new Head Gamemaker.
  • He tells her that he's getting ready for the Quarter Quell.
  • Then he makes a big point of showing her his watch and telling her what time it is (almost 12 p.m.). Katniss watches as the image of a mockingjay appears on the watch face, then vanishes.
  • Plutarch says he's going to a meeting but not to tell anyone. He says they'll meet again at the next Games, then leaves.
  • Katniss thinks that was weird and can't figure out why he made such a big deal about the watch.
  • Effie says it's time to leave, so they pick up Haymitch and go back to the train, along with their prep team.
  • Peeta and Katniss have been spending their night sleeping in the same bed, to help wad off their awful nightmares. The next day Peeta tells Katniss that, remarkably, she didn't have any nightmares. She tells him about a dream she had, where a mockingjay turned into Rue.
  • He says his nightmares are about not being able to find Katniss.
  • This makes Katniss feel guilty; his feelings for her are so genuine and simple, while her feelings are just messy.
  • The train takes them back to District 12, their last media stop and their home. They are just in time for the Harvest Festival, which will be celebrated at the mayor's house.
  • Katniss goes off on a tangent about her friendship with the mayor's daughter, Madge. It was Madge who gave her that mockingjay pin so long ago.
  • Katniss is looking for Madge at the party when she stops to watch an emergency broadcast on a private TV. It's not something Katniss should be seeing.
  • It turns out the people of District 8 are beginning to rebel.

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