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Catching Fire

Catching Fire


by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire Chapter 7 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Katniss leaves a special sign for Gale (some gifts) at their usual meeting place out in the woods. She needs to talk to him about what she saw at the mayor's house.
  • She thinks back to what happened right after she saw the program. She ran into the mayor and played dumb, like she hadn't seen anything. Then she went looking for Madge.
  • Katniss asked if Madge wanted the mockingjay pin back, and Madge said no, even though it's a family heirloom.
  • Katniss explained that everyone in the Capitol was wearing mockingjays, which is ironic, since the mockingjays evolved from a special kind of animatronic weapon (jabberjays) the Capitol created. It's like they broke free from the Capitol's control.
  • The mockingjay is taking on special meaning for Katniss, as something that survives and outstrips the Capitol's expectations.
  • Katniss snaps back to the present, where she's waiting for Gale at an old house deep in the heart of the forest. They haven't seen each other since she got back from the tour. Maybe he's avoiding her. We wouldn't really blame him, considering Katniss' very public engagement to Peeta.
  • She makes a fire. Soon Gale shows up. He's holding the gifts and looks upset.
  • Katniss wastes no time in explaining what's happening and how Snow's threatened Gale.
  • They seem to make up a little and Katniss fills Gale in on the whole thing. She proposes running away and, to her surprise, he agrees.
  • Gale is so happy and says he loves her, but Katniss can't say it back. She explains that she has to concentrate on staying alive first.
  • This upsets Gale, but he deals with it.
  • Until, that is, he realizes that Katniss' running-away plan isn't about just them and their families – it includes Peeta and Haymitch.
  • Gale pushes Katniss to choose between him and Peeta, but she won't.
  • Suddenly Katniss slips and mentions the problems in District 8. Gale makes her tell him everything.
  • Katniss blames herself for the deaths and destruction to come, but Gale says she's an inspiration and that there should be a rebellion.
  • They argue. Gale says Katniss could lead a rebellion. When she's not willing to, he storms out, rejecting her gifts.
  • Alone, Katniss tries to strategize. Maybe Gale's mother will help him see reason.
  • Katniss flashes back to her talk with Snow, how he reminded her of the way she fought to save her own life.
  • The day's coming to an end, and Katniss has to get back to the district. She seeks out Peeta on her way home, having decided to ask him about running away.
  • Just like Gale, Peeta says he'll go, but asks whether his rival will be coming too. Unlike Gale, Peeta says he thinks Katniss will chicken out.
  • Then they hear a strange noise coming from the town center.
  • Peeta figures out what's going on and tries to keep Katniss away, but she fights her way through the crowd.  There she sees Gale chained to a post, being whipped by the new Head Peacekeeper.

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