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by Raymond Carver

Cathedral: Get Your Stained Glass On True or False

1. Which describes Robert’s condition? -> Deaf
2. Who recently died just before the story begins? -> Robert’s wife
3. How did Robert and the narrator’s wife correspond? -> Audio tape
4. Why isn’t the narrator happy that Robert is coming to visit? -> He is jealous of Robert
5. Years ago, about what did the narrator’s wife write a poem? -> Robert saying her name
6. Whom did the narrator’s wife marry originally? -> An officer
7. The narrator’s wife was so unhappy in her prior marriage that she did what? -> Had three kids so she could take have some companionship
8. What does Robert do with the narrator and his wife that he has never done before? -> Engage in a ménage-a-trois
9. What does the Robert ask the narrator to describe to him? -> A cathedral
10. When the narrator has trouble with this activity, what does Robert then ask that he do? -> Draw it