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by Raymond Carver

The Narrator Timeline and Summary

  • The narrator isn't happy about Robert coming to visit.
  • He makes blind jokes to his wife while she's cooking.
  • She gets mad and tells him that if he loves her, he'll be nice to Robert.
  • The narrator has a drink and listens to his wife talk about Robert.
  • Then he waits for his wife to come back from the train station with Robert.
  • He gets drinks for everyone, and listens while his wife and Robert talk.
  • They all have dinner, and more drinks, then back to the living room.
  • When his wife goes upstairs to change, he rolls marijuana cigarettes and begins smoking them with Robert.
  • After his wife falls asleep on the couch, he and Robert listen to/watch TV.
  • The narrator tries to describe a cathedral to Robert using words, but fails.
  • Robert suggests they draw one together and they do.
  • Halfway through the drawing Robert tells the narrator to close his eyes.
  • He completes the drawing with his eyes closed.
  • When Robert tells him to open his eyes, he doesn't.