by Raymond Carver
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Cathedral Transformation Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"I don't have any blind friends," I said.

"You don't have any friends, she said. "Period." (1.9)

Little did either of them know that the narrator would in fact have a friend by the end of the evening, or at least the possible beginning of a friendship. Even though we're only talking one friend, a transformation from friendless to friendship is big.

Quote #2

"I want you to feel comfortable in this house," she said. (1.55)

As the story progresses all the characters become increasingly more comfortable with each other. The narrator indeed takes seriously his wife's insistence that Robert be made comfortable. The rest falls into place.

Quote #3

"But maybe you could describe one to me? I wish you'd it. I'd like that. I really don't have a good idea." (2.9)

The narrator genuinely wants to make sure Robert understands everything that's going on. When Robert sees this and responds honestly, it opens the door for the shared transformation we see at the end of the story.

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