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Cat's Cradle

Cat's Cradle


by Kurt Vonnegut

Cat's Cradle Chapter 102 Summary

Enemies of Freedom

  • Everyone shows up for the bonanza, and future John—the one narrating—remarks how almost all of them are dead now. So, clearly his presidency was a smashing success.
  • There's a buffet of San Lorenzo delicacies including "bite-sized cubes of boiled albatross" (102.6). Tasty.
  • Two drinks accompany the feast: un-iced Pepsi and equally un-iced rum. The rum is made with acetone. John does not drink the rum.
  • As for the guests, Horlick Minton plays the ambassador well while H. Lowe Crosby actually drinks the rum.
  • Targets bob on the sea. During the air show, the fighter planes will fire on these targets as part of the celebration.
  • The targets are all caricatures done by Dr. Vox Humana. They portray the enemies of democracy and amongst their ranks are Hitler, Marx, and Mao.
  • Yeah, that sounds about right to us.
  • The Crosbys marvel at how "[t]hey got practically every enemy that freedom ever had out there" (102.30)

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