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Cat's Cradle
Cat's Cradle
by Kurt Vonnegut
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Cat's Cradle Chapter 111 Summary

Time Out

  • Frank returns with those brooms, rubber gloves, and other cleaning necessities.
  • They set about the task of hiding the evidence and cleaning the mess, and the three Hoenikkers recount their tale.
  • On the Christmas Eve when Felix Hoenikker died, the three returned to the cottage, the boys with the black Labrador retriever in tow.
  • Before Felix had died, he'd teased his children all day about the existence of ice-nine and even played some of his research games with it while they were out.
  • He'd left the mess of those games in the kitchen and had sat down for what should have been a quick nap. The nap ended up taking longer than expected, like somewhere north of eternity.
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