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Cat's Cradle

Cat's Cradle


by Kurt Vonnegut

Cat's Cradle Chapter 28 Summary


  • While waiting for the elevator down, Naomi prays they don't get elevator five. And in a story like this, when you pray you don't get something, you're bound to.
  • Elevator five arrives with its driver Knowles. Knowles, by the way, is insane.
  • Naomi asks for the first floor, but Knowles needs some monologue time.
  • He tells them how a man today mentioned that elevators were from Mayan architecture, to which Knowles replied, "What's that make me—mayonnaise" (28.6).
  • If you ever had a hard time explaining what a non sequitur is, then you've found your perfect example.
  • Knowles follows this with a question. If research means to look again—re-search, get it?—then what is everybody trying to find again?
  • Naomi asks to be brought down, and Knowles points out that they're on the top floor. Only way to go is down.
  • John asks Knowles if he knew Dr. Hoenikker. Knowles said he knew him well, claiming Hoenikker didn't die. He just entered a new dimension.
  • And Hoenikker's children, according to Knowles, are full of rabies.

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