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Cat's Cradle

Cat's Cradle


by Kurt Vonnegut

Cat's Cradle Chapter 97 Summary

The Stinking Christian

  • "Papa" Monzano lies in a bed made from Bokonon's golden boat.
  • Oh, so that's where he left it. But of course.
  • Frank tries to tell "Papa" about the switch-a-roo concerning the presidency, but "Papa" keeps muttering his good-byes and asking for ice.
  • Dr. Koenigswald informs Frank that when he asks for ice and they bring it, suddenly he doesn't want it.
  • "Papa" finally understands what's going on and tells John good luck with the whole ruling the country thing.
  • He also requests that John get Bokonon. John says he'll do it, but "Papa" begs him to kill the man, as in seriously kill the guy.
  • "Papa" makes two more requests. First, remove Bokonon's lies and replace them with the truth, with science. The second request is for him to be read his last rites.
  • Dr. Vox Humana enters the room for the last rites, but "Papa" screams at him to get out. "Papa" is a Bokononist.

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