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Cat's Cradle

Cat's Cradle


by Kurt Vonnegut

 Table of Contents

Cat's Cradle Themes

Cat's Cradle Themes

Art & Culture

Most novelists see themselves as artists, and after so many hours spent on your art, are you really going to suggest that it's ultimately worthless? Probably not. So, it's no wonder that Cat's Crad...


It was no secret that Kurt Vonnegut was a humanist. The man was the honorary president of the American Humanist Association, so that's kind of a dead give away. But what is humanism? A quick answer...


At first glance, it may seem like Cat's Cradle is opposed to the idea of truth—you know, like the truth accidently ran over Vonnegut's dog, and he never forgave it. But that's a little too simpli...


Stretch out those brain lobes because we're in for some mental gymnastics. Right out of the gate, Cat's Cradle asks you to assume that religion is a lie. There's no God, and the whole religious ent...


Science is overrated. Sure it gave us the periodic table, antibiotics, and bouncy balls, but it also gave us atomic bombs, anthrax, and super difficult homework. That's the message of Cat's Cradle,...

Fate and Free Will

Ah, the old fate and free will discussion: we meet again. And we'll probably be meeting a few more times down the road. Writers just love this topic, and truthfully, so do we. Cat's Cradle draws a...

Life, Consciousness & Existence

When it comes to life, consciousness, and existence, only two things are certain: death and taxes. (Actually, you can wiggle free of taxes if you're tricky with the paperwork, so that just leaves d...


It's hard to pin down what's up with love in Cat's Cradle. (We're sure there's a lepidopterist joke we can make here, but we just don't have the heart.) The love between Mona and John is definitely...

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