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Causes of the Civil War

Causes of the Civil War

Discussion & Essay Questions

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Sample of Discussion & Essay Questions

  1. War in Causes of the Civil War
    • Which effect of the American Revolution most threatened North-South relations?
      • Westward migration?
      • The ideological example set for slaves and free blacks?
      • Slave rebellions?
    • Do the Constitutional compromises over slavery seem balanced—that is, were the interests of both regions reasonably protected?
    • Which of these compromises would you expect to be most controversial: the fugitive slave provision, the three-fifths compromise, or the agreement to delay any ban on the slave trade?
    • Why do you suppose there was no serious attempt to abolish slavery at this founding moment?
    • Were convention delegates only inhibited by South Carolina’s threat?
      • Do you think South Carolina really would have bolted from the new nation if it did not win the concessions it sought?
      • Could South Carolina have been bluffing—and if so, why do you suppose no one called South Carolina’s bluff?