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The Cell Cycle, Cellular Growth, and Cancer

The Cell Cycle, Cellular Growth, and Cancer


1. Which of the following does not use the cell cycle to divide its cells?→Meatballs
2. Which phase is not a part of interphase?→G0 phase
3. Meiosis is→the phase of the cell cycle where two identical daughter cells are created
4. What is the main difference between metaphase in mitosis and metaphase I in meiosis?→The homologous chromosomes pair in metaphase I, but not in metaphase II.
5. In what cellular stage/process is it important for homologous chromosomes to pair?→M phase
6. A diploid organism has 8 chromosomes in G1. How many chromosomes will each of the cells have after it undergoes mitosis?𔾶
7. During what stage of mitosis do sister chromatids remain together despite the separation of homologous chromosomes?→Telophase II
8. Which of the following mitotic events comes last?→None of the above happens in mitosis
9. The key players controlling cell cycle progression are→proteins
10. Cancer is best described as→a disease of the cell cycle
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