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The Cell Cycle, Cellular Growth, and Cancer

The Cell Cycle, Cellular Growth, and Cancer


1. G0 is→a special "resting" phase
2. What step is unique to prophase I?→The sister chromatids pair.
3. What is the mitotic spindle made of?→Microtubules
4. A diploid organism has 8 chromosomes in G1. How many chromosomes will each of its offspring cells have after meiosis?𔾼
5. When do the sister chromatids separate in meiosis?→Meiosis II
6. What type of cell in the human body is a good example of a haploid cell?→Sperm
7. What part of a chromosome do microtubules attach to?→The centromere
8. Which of the following is a critical regulator of cell cycle progression?→Cyclin-dependent protein kinases (Cdks)
9. Which of the following proteins appear in some stages of the cell cycle and are degraded at other stages?→Cyclins
10. In a healthy human being, which philosophy best describes a cell's life?→Survival of the fittest
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