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The Cell Cycle, Cellular Growth, and Cancer

The Cell Cycle, Cellular Growth, and Cancer

The Cell Cycle, Cellular Growth, and Cancer: Chromosomal Chaos True or False

1. Which stage of the mitotic cell cycle can be thought of in some ways as the opposite of prophase? -> Anaphase
2. A cell has 5 chromosomes in G1. How many chromosomes will the cell have after it has finished mitosis but before cytokinesis? -> 20
3. S phase is -> the phase of the cell cycle where two identical daughter cells are created
4. The microtubule organizing center of the mitotic spindle is called the -> centrosome
5. Which the following best describes the idea of a cell cycle checkpoint? -> A domino-like series of events, with each event requiring completion by the previous event
6. Cancer is -> a disease caused when a cell in the body acquires a genetic change that gives it a selective advantage for growth and reproduction over other cells in the body
7. Which of the following aspects of mitosis are good examples of important structures/structural changes that ensure accurate chromosome segregation in human cells? -> All of the above
8. In which of the following ways are mitosis and meiosis the same? -> Sister chromatids are not paired in either mitosis or meiosis.
9. In what stage of the cell cycle do chromosomes become rod-like structures and does the nuclear envelope break down? -> A part of interphase
10. If a G1 cell is fused to a cell in S phase, what will happen? -> Some signaling protein in the S phase cell will trigger S phase in the G1 cell.