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Glycolysis and Cellular Respiration

Glycolysis and Cellular Respiration

Glycolysis and Cellular Respiration: Respiration without Leg Warmers True or False

1. Under anaerobic conditions, oxidizing glucose can result in what waste product? -> Lactic acid
2. What compound appears at both the beginning and the end of the citric acid cycle? -> Ethanol
3. What metabolic process is the most widespread among all living organisms? -> Glycolysis
4. What molecule accepts the electrons from NADH in fermentation? -> ATP
5. Oxygen is necessary for cellular respiration because -> combustion cannot take place without oxygen
6. In the citric acid cycle, what occurs? -> Acetyl-CoA enters the cycle, and ATP, NADH, and FADH2 are produced.
7. The citric acid cycle is so named because -> it produces citric acid as an end product
8. What process releases carbon dioxide (CO2)? -> A and C
9. Which of the following is true? -> All living things use oxygen during respiration.
10. Fermentation produces -> less ATP than aerobic respiration