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Cephalus and Procris Photos

It's kind of hard to resist the tempting goddess of dawn, we guess. [Cephalus and Aurora by Nicolas Poussin, 1630]

Swept Off His Feet
Flying off together. How romantic…? [Cephalus and Aurora by Francois Lemoyne, 2012]

When Procris gave Cephalus that magic spear, we're guessing she didn't think it would end up killing her. [Cephalus and Procris by Paolo Veronese, 1580]

Sorry, Baby!
Talk about a tragic love story. [Cephalus und Procris by Alexander Macco, ca. 1793]

It Wasn't Me!
Looks like Cephalus is really wishing everybody would stop staring at him accusingly in this picture. But um, dude… you did it. [Cephalus and Procris by Harriet Fulchran-Jean]

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