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Charles Dickens Video & Audio

The Tales of Charles Dickens

A strangely compelling promo for the PBS series. You'll see Dickens's characters differently when they are set to Coldplay.

Bleak House – BBC

An animated introduction to Charles Dickens's life.

Little Dorrit

The preview for the award-winning miniseries adaptation of Dickens's novel.

The Changing World of Charles Dickens

A (very) short but useful documentary that puts Dickens's world in context.

David Copperfield

The PBS movie of Dickens's novel.

Daniel Radcliffe in David Copperfield

Before he was Harry Potter, he was the young David Copperfield.

The Signal Man

A movie version of Charles Dickens's ghost story.

Gerald Dickens

Curious Sergey interviews Dickens's great-great-grandson. Worth every second.

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