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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


by Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 6 Summary

The First Two Finders

  • The next day, the first ticket is found by a boy named Augustus Gloop.
  • Augustus is fat – there's no sugar coating it – and his mom was sure he'd find a ticket based on the sheer number of chocolate bars he ate every day.
  • Although Augustus' whole town is celebrating, Charlie's family doesn't like the looks of this boy.
  • After the first ticket is found, the whole world goes kind of crazy trying to find the remaining four tickets.
  • Women, men, children, thieves, gangsters – everyone's looking. One scientist, Professor Foulbody, actually invents a machine that can detect the gold under a wrapper, but it malfunctions and grabs someone's gold tooth (oops), so that plan doesn't last long.
  • Then the next ticket is found by a rich girl named Veruca Salt. Well, actually by her father. Well, wait, by her father's factory workers.
  • Veruca was being a little bratty – a lot bratty, in fact – so her dad bought all the chocolate bars he can find and had his factory workers unwrap them. Finally, one of them found a golden ticket in one of the hundreds of thousands of bars he bought.
  • Again, Charlie's family is not a fan of this girl.
  • They decide that it's time for bed; but the next day is Charlie's birthday, and they're all excited to open the chocolate bar.

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