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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


by Roald Dahl

Grandpa Joe Timeline and Summary

  • We're introduced to Grandpa Joe at the very beginning of the story, where we learn that he's Mr. Bucket's father.
  • Grandpa Joe, it turns out, shares one bed with the other three of Charlie's grandparents. They're all old and tired and never get out of bed.
  • When Charlie asks about Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, Grandpa Joe tells him lots of stories, including the one about Prince Pondicherry.
  • He also tells Charlie about the spies, and those mysterious workers who never leave the factory. How does Grandpa Joe know so much?
  • Later, after Grandpa Joe finds out about Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket offer, he thinks it would be awesome if Charlie won one.
  • After Charlie's birthday chocolate bar comes up bust, Grandpa Joe gives Charlie money that he's saved up, so that Charlie can try to find a Golden Ticket again. No luck.
  • But then, Charlie does find a Golden Ticket, and Grandpa Joe is so pumped he leaps out of bed and starts dancing.
  • The family all agrees – Grandpa Joe should be the one to go to the factory with Charlie.
  • At the factory, Grandpa Joe seems totally thrilled by everything he sees. He also defends Mr. Wonka and his crazy ways to the other parents.
  • Once all the other kids have met their fates, Grandpa Joe points out to Mr. Wonka that Charlie's the only one left.
  • As it turns out, Mr. Wonka is going to give the factory to Charlie, and Grandpa Joe is beyond elated to hear this. In fact, he can barely believe it at first.
  • In the end, Grandpa Joe, along with Charlie and Mr. Wonka, shoves the other grandparents and Mr. and Mrs. Bucket into the elevator, and off they go to their new home: Charlie's chocolate factory.