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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


by Roald Dahl

Mike Teavee Timeline and Summary

  • The last kid to find a Golden Ticket, Mike is a nine-year-old who's obsessed with television.
  • He dresses the part, and when he appears at Mr. Wonka's factory, he's wearing a Lone Ranger windbreaker, and is loaded down with toy pistols.
  • Mike doesn't do much until Chapter 26, in the Television Chocolate Room. Sounds right up Mike's alley.
  • He finds out from Mr. Wonka that you can send chocolate through the television.
  • Then he wants to know if you can send other things through the television, too. Like, say, people? This can't be headed anywhere good.
  • As soon as Mr. Wonka tells Mike that it could be possible, he's off to send himself through the television, which he does.
  • But things don't go quite as planned: Mike comes out the other end totally shrunken.
  • He doesn't care though, as long as he can still watch TV.
  • Mike will be okay, though. Mr. Wonka says he just needs to be stretched out.
  • And indeed he is. In the end, we see Mike once more, and he's so stretched, he's ten feet tall.