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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


by Roald Dahl

Willy Wonka Timeline and Summary

  • Willy Wonka's marvelous chocolate factory was in working order until he found out that the other chocolatiers around had sent in spies.
  • He shut his factory down for months; suddenly it re-opened, but no one came in or out.
  • One day, he issues a memo that he will allow five children into his factory to tour it if they find the Golden tickets in his chocolate bars.
  • Mr. Wonka shows the children the factory including all his inventions. He introduces them to his workers, the Oompa-Loompas, who he saved from their terrible lives in Loompaland.
  • He watches as four of the five children get into trouble, messing up his inventions. The bad ones have to leave the tour immediately.
  • When only Charlie Bucket is left, Mr. Wonka tells him that he will be giving the chocolate factory to him to take over when he's old.
  • He goes with Charlie and Grandpa Joe to fetch Charlie's family and takes them all back to his factory to live.