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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web


by E. B. White

Charlotte's Web Admiration Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

Some of Wilbur's friends in the barn worried for fear all this attention would go to his head and make him stuck up. But it never did. Wilbur was modest; fame did not spoil him. (15.8)

It's pretty tough to stay modest when you're as famous as Wilbur. How do you think Wilbur stays humble with all the farm paparazzi outside? Does fame spoil Wilbur?

Quote #5

Everyone rejoiced to find that the miracle of the web had been repeated. Wilbur gazed up lovingly into their faces. He looked very humble and very grateful. Fern winked at Charlotte. (19.41-42)

Poor Charlotte. We feel a little bad that she never gets any credit. Everyone admires Wilbur, but almost no one notices the spider, except Fern. In fact, everyone thinks the web is a "miracle." It's almost as if they don't think an actual spider wove the web at all. Hm, sounds like someone—a lot of someones—should head back to science class.

Quote #6

Everybody who visited the pigpen had a good word to say about Wilbur. Everyone admired the web. And of course nobody noticed Charlotte. (19.53)

Charlotte tends to stand on the sidelines. Compare this to all the attention Wilbur gets. In fact, he gets so much attention that "everybody" who sees him thinks he's great. And who admires Charlotte? "Nobody" at all. It seems to us there's a pretty clear difference between "nobody" and "everybody."

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