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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web


by E. B. White

Charlotte's Web Admiration Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"There can be no mistake about it. A miracle has happened and a sign has occurred here on earth, right on our farm, and we have no ordinary pig."

"Well," said Mrs. Zuckerman, "it seems to me you're a little off. It seems to me we have no ordinary spider."

"Oh, no," said Zuckerman. "It's the pig that's unusual. It says so, right there in the middle of the web." (11.19-21)

Who deserves more admiration: Wilbur or Charlotte? Mrs. Zuckerman gives the spider the credit; after all, she's the one who wove the web. (Shout out to writers!) But Mr. Zuckerman thinks the pig is the one who deserves admiration. Who do you agree with?

Quote #2

Everybody stood at the pigpen and stared at the web and read the word, over and over, while Wilbur, who really felt terrific, stood quietly swelling out his chest and swinging his snout from side to side. (13.12)

Standing under the web reading "TERRIFIC," Wilbur sure is a sight to see. Check out how this quote emphasizes how Wilbur "felt terrific." Sounds to us like Wilbur is starting to believe that sign. Plus, he might even be getting a big head from all this admiration.

Quote #3

Wilbur was now the center of attraction on the farm. Good food and regular hours were showing results: Wilbur was a pig any man would be proud of. One day more than a hundred people came to stand at his yard and admire him. (15.6)

Once Wilbur becomes the talk of the town, Mr. Zuckerman makes sure he's getting really good food and plenty of sleep. Looks like Mr. Zuckerman's tactics are working, since Wilbur is as cute as ever. But here's the thing: shouldn't Mr. Zuckerman always have been treating his pig well? It might not be ideal that it takes a little countywide fame for Wilbur to start getting his daily essentials.

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