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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web


E. B. White

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Charlotte's Web Characters

Meet the Cast


Wilbur is the best pig you're ever going to meet. Plus, he may be the only pig you get to hear talk. (Anyone out there ever heard a pig talk? Anyone? Bueller?) Lucky for us, we get to follow this l...

Charlotte A. Cavatica

Charlotte is Wilbur's best friend. Oh, and she's a spider—specifically, a common barn spider, technical name Araneus cavaticus. (Guess that's where her last name comes from.)But Charlotte isn't j...

Fern Arable

Fern is a little girl who grows up right before our eyes. (We gab about growing up in the "Coming of Age" theme. Go check it out and then join us back here.) Seriously, during the course of the nov...

Avery Arable

If Avery were our brother, we might run away from home—or at least hide our valuable possessions. He's the most rambunctious kid you'll ever encounter. Since he's Fern's older brother (he's ten,...

Homer L. Zuckerman

Mr. Zuckerman is Fern's uncle. She figures he's going to take good care of her little Wilbur. But it turns out Mr. Zuckerman is also a man with a plan: he buys Fern's sweet little pig, feeds it lot...

Edith Zuckerman

We don't see much of Mrs. Z. She's Homer Zuckerman's wife and Fern's aunt, but she spends most of her time indoors. And since most of this novel takes place in the barn, she doesn't get much airtim...

John Arable

John Arable is Fern and Avery's dad, and husband to his worried wife, Mrs. Arable. As a dad and hubby, he seems like a pretty good fellow. He takes care of his kiddos and tries to calm Mrs. Arable'...


Lurvy works on the Zuckerman farm, so you know that he's going to be in on all the action surrounding the miraculous spider web. On the one hand, this means Lurvy is pulling some long hours to keep...

Mrs. Arable

Mrs. Arable is Fern and Avery's mom. Go ahead and call her a worrywart, because we sure would. She's really concerned about Fern's obsession with spending time at the Zuckerman farm. According to M...


Templeton is the big barn rat. Let's be honest: we don't like Templeton one bit. He's rude and mean and gosh can he be a selfish little rodent. In fact, he's so selfish that he doesn't want to help...

The Barn Animals

There are a handful of animals in the Zuckerman barn that never get names. But that doesn't mean they're not important. We'll let you in on who these unnamed animal actors are:First, there's the go...
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