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Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
by E. B. White
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Mrs. Arable

Character Analysis

Mrs. Arable is Fern and Avery's mom. Go ahead and call her a worrywart, because we sure would. She's really concerned about Fern's obsession with spending time at the Zuckerman farm. According to Mrs. Arable, hanging out with animals all day just isn't "normal" (14.19). And you know what is really weird: when kids claim to talk to animals. Mrs. Avery can't even begin to believe in that sort of nonsense.

But get this: she's only ever nervous about Fern, not about Avery. What's up with that? Avery is always getting himself hurt, but it's Fern she's worried about. We're wondering why this mom is more worried about her sweet, gentle daughter than her ax-wielding son. What do you make of this distinction?

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