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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web


by E. B. White

Charlotte's Web Resources


Livin' It Up With E.B. White

Take a peek at E.B. White's bio and accolades. He's got a lot!

Movie or TV Productions

Sing It, Charlotte!

This animated musical version of Wilbur and Charlotte's tale from 1973 will have you singing your heart out. Seriously, watch out: the songs are catchy!

Charlotte's Web (2006)

Check out this movie version of the novel. Does it feel like an accurate rendition to you?

Articles and Interviews

Chit Chat with E. B. White

Serve yourself some homemade blueberry pie and dig into this hefty interview with E. B. White. You'll get the deets on everything from White's literary career to his childhood.

My Stepdad Rocked

Roger Angell, E. B. White's stepson, reminisces about the author. It's a super cool peek into White's life from a family member's perspective.


Charlotte's Web Goes to Hollywood

Check out this preview for the 2006 movie version. What could be better than Dakota Fanning as Fern and Julia Roberts' voice for Charlotte?

Sing-Along Charlotte's Web

In the 1973 movie preview, you'll catch a glimpse at how this novel gets transformed into an animated musical. It's good singsong fun. Plus, it's like time travelling back to the earlier days of animation.


Listen to E. B. White and His Seriously Cool Voice

Take a listen to this report on Charlotte's Web. You'll get to hear E. B. White read snippets of the tale, which is pretty awesome.

All Together Now: "Up with your chinny chin chin!"

Check out this peppy song from the 1973 movie. Better yet, set this song as your alarm and you'll always wake up on the right side of the bed.


Better Brush Your Teeth

Take a look at this Garth Williams illustration. How sweet is that?!

When You Think of Charlotte's Web, You Think of This

Here's the iconic illustration that holds the primo cover spot on copies of Charlotte's Web.

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