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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web


by E. B. White

Charlotte's Web The Home Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

And so Wilbur came home to his beloved manure pile in the barn cellar. His was a strange homecoming. Around his neck he wore a medal of honor; in his mouth he held a sac of spider's eggs. There is no place like home, Wilbur thought, as he placed Charlotte's five hundred and fourteen unborn children carefully in a safe corner. The barn smelled good. His friends the sheep and the geese were glad to see him back. (22.1)

Even though Wilbur didn't feel homesick while at the fair, he's definitely happy to be back in the barn. The barn just smells like home, and Wilbur loves that smell. Plus, even though Charlotte is gone, he's got lots of friends who are there to greet him. Oh, and there are those five hundred and fourteen spider eggs to take care of. Sounds like "home" just got some new inhabitants.

Quote #8

At last one little spider took time enough to stop and talk to Wilbur before making its balloon.

"We're leaving here on the warm updraft. This is our moment for setting forth. We are aeronauts and we are going out into the world to make webs for ourselves."

"But where?" asked Wilbur.

"Wherever the wind takes us. High, low. Near, far. East, west. North, south. We take to the breeze, we go as we please." (22.37-40)

These little spiders sure are adventurous. They're willing to make their home anywhere in the world. Wherever the wind takes them, that's where home is. How do you think this compares with Wilbur's ideas of home?

Quote #9

"Joy! Aranea! Nellie!" he began. "Welcome to the barn cellar. You have chosen a hallowed doorway from which to string your webs." (22.62)

The doorway was Charlotte's home within the barn. And now it's home for her daughters. We think it's pretty cool how this doorway gets passed down from generation to generation.

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