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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web


by E. B. White

Charlotte's Web The Home Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

For the first few days of his life, Wilbur was allowed to live in a box near the stove in the kitchen. Then, when Mrs. Arable complained, he was moved to a bigger box in the woodshed. At two weeks of age, he was moved outdoors. (2.2)

Within just two weeks of being born, Wilbur has had three different homes. He's quite the little mover. But pretty soon, Wilbur will have one home for the rest of his (hopefully long) life.

Quote #2

Wilbur's new home was in the lower part of the barn, directly underneath the cows. Mr. Zuckerman knew that a manure pile is a good place to keep a young pig. Pigs need warmth, and it was warm and comfortable down there in the barn cellar on the south side. (3.3)

Wilbur's got a new home in the Zuckerman barn. And what distinguishes this home from his former digs? A nice "manure pile." This home may be stinky, but it's a pretty good place for a pig. And isn't that the most important thing?

Quote #3

"I just love it here in the barn," said Wilbur. "I love everything about this place."

"Of course you do," said Charlotte. "We all do."

The goose appeared, followed by her seven goslings. They thrust their little necks out and kept up a musical whistling, like a tiny troupe of pipers. Wilbur listened to the sound with love in his heart. (9.51-3)

Wilbur sure does love his home on the Zuckerman farm. And what does he love? "Everything," he says. Check out how many times Wilbur says the word "love" in this quote alone.

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