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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web


by E. B. White

 Table of Contents

Charlotte's Web Themes

Charlotte's Web Themes


Sometimes it's fun to be in the limelight. Wilbur sure does enjoy all the attention he gets when Charlotte weaves her first words into the web. For Wilbur, being the center of attention means getti...

Language and Communication

Are you looking for a wily little spider to manage your upcoming social media campaign? Well look no further than Ms. Charlotte A. Cavatica. She's got propaganda in the bag. This spider knows just...


If there's one thing we know about Charlotte's Web it's this: Charlotte and Wilbur are good friends. Actually, it might be tough for you to find a better pair of chums out there. For Charlotte and...


On a farm, time is extra important. The Arables and the Zuckermans have to pay attention to those pesky changing seasons. There are certain farm tasks to be done in the spring when things are growi...

The Home

For a pig, Wilbur experiences quite a few "homes" over time. Check them out:(1) The Arable home. His first place!(2) The Zuckerman barn.(3) The pigpen at the County Fair, for a little while.(4) The...


The saying goes like this: if at first you don't succeed, try try again. In Charlotte's Web we've got a lot of characters who try really hard, even when times are tough. Actually, these characters...


Were you as sad as we were when Charlotte died? And were you as shocked as we were to learn that Wilbur might end up as Christmas dinner? There sure is a lot talk about death in this book. For Wilb...

Coming of Age

In Charlotte's Web, we've got two different types of characters who grow up: kids and animals. And growing up isn't necessarily an easy feat. For an animal like Wilbur, growing up means gaining new...

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