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Charon's Wall


Wishing Thanatos and Hermes would bring me more souls. What's with the extended life expectancy these days?

Hey, I'm working as fast as I can.


Man, haven't you done enough ferrying for one eternity?

I'm getting short on change.

What exactly do you do with all those coins?


Seriously, what do you need money for anyway?

Slot machines. I LOVE slot machines.    

Respectfully wishing that Lord Hades would get a handle on his dog.

What's Cereberus done this time?

He keeps peeing on my boat.

Your boat's all beat up anyway.

He pees fire.

I see your point.


Charon why don't you ever visit your mother?!

Sorry Mom, you're too dark for even me.


What kind of a thing is that to say to your mother?

You two are the reason I ended up with the crappiest job in the universe.


Oh, sure, blame your parents for everything.

I'm the son of the goddess of night and the god of primordial darkness.
I depress everybody I come near.


For the record, he's right. He's totally depressing.

Hey, Charon – coming down to visit Persephone. Hope the boat's ready for me!

Not a chance, lady.

How dare you refuse me.

For one, I've got a line of ghosts longer than the River Acheron. For
two, Lord Hades has forbid you to come down here after what happened last time.

I can't imagine what you're speaking of.

Um, you tried to sneak Persephone out in your cornucopia.

I'll tell you what I'm going to do with my cornucopia...

I still miss you, Psyche...   


You are seriously creepy.

I know I'm old and scary, but inside I'm a really good

person. You just never really gave me a chance. 


We had the voyage into and out of the Underworld. You were creepy on both trips.

I'm rich. Did you know that? I've got a mountain of coins stored away.


Listen up, corpse-breath, I'm married to Eros. He is Love. How do you expect to ever compete with that?

Send that baby-faced gnat down here. I'll break him over my knee!

That's it, buddy. You're getting an anti-love arrow in the face.


Um, I died in battle and no one could find my body to bury it. Can I get a free pass?

Not a chance. Better luck next time.

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