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Chemical Reactions Resources


The Flintstones Meet Chemistry

This is a cute, but informative video about how to classify chemical reactions:

1-2-3-4-5 Reaction Types

This video contains nice visuals for all of the types of chemical reactions.

S'mores and Chemistry

If you need some limiting reagent help (or have a sudden desire to go camping), check out this video.

Synthesis Reaction Review

This lecture is all about synthesis reactions.

Decomposition: Not Just for the Worms

This lecture is all about decomposition reactions.

A Quick Hydrocarbon Balancing Review

Need some extra help balancing combustion reactions?

Sometimes a Combustion Lecture is Just What the Doctor Ordered

If you missed a lecture on combustion or just want to hear more, check out this video.

Name that Reaction

Here's video explaining the different types of chemical reactions.


Science for Students

Who doesn't love interesting science news?

The Great Balancer

This website is a homework lifesaver! It will help you check if you balanced your equations correctly.

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