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The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov

Contrasting Regions Quotes Page 2

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

DUNYASHA. I hardly knew you, Yasha. You have changed abroad. (1.66)

Dunyasha is attracted to Yasha's new cosmopolitan airs. Her crush seems to stem from a combination of sexual interest and a belief that he might be a key to upward mobility.

Quote #5

PISCHIK. [To LUBOV ANDREYEVNA] What about Paris? Eh? Did you eat frogs?

LUBOV. I ate crocodiles. (1.120)

Lubov's stay in Paris gives her an exoticism that excites the men at home.

Quote #6

VARYA. There are two telegrams for you, little mother. [Picks out a key and noisily unlocks an antique cupboard] Here they are.

LUBOV. They're from Paris. ... [Tears them up without reading them] I've done with Paris. (1.125)

In a wily use of a prop – the telegram – Chekhov gives us a visual representation of Lubov's changing attitude toward home and Paris. In Act 1, she tears the telegrams up without reading them. By Act 3, she's hiding them in her sleeve.