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The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov

Home Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

VARYA. Well, you've come, glory be to God. Home again. [Caressing
her] My darling is home again! My pretty one is back again! (1.43)

For Varya, the return of Lubov and Anya changes the definition of home. The house becomes not just a responsibility and headache, but a source of love and comfort.

Quote #2

ANYA. We went to Paris; it's cold there and snowing. I talk French perfectly horribly. My mother lives on the fifth floor. I go to her, and find her there with various Frenchmen, women, an old abbé with a book, and everything in tobacco smoke and with no comfort at all. I suddenly became very sorry for mother--so sorry that I took her head in my arms and hugged her and wouldn't let her go. Then mother started hugging me and crying. (1.48)

When Anya sees her mother far from home, among strangers, she plays the role of comforter. In The Cherry Orchard, the older generation often needs to be cared for.

Quote #3

ANYA. How's business? Has the interest been paid?

VARYA. Not much chance of that.

ANYA. Oh God, oh God ...

VARYA. The place will be sold in August.

ANYA. O God. (1.52-56)

When she first arrives home, Anya is completely in line with her mother's point of view: the estate must be saved. Her opinion changes as the play goes on.

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