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Quote #10

EPIKHODOV. The aged Fiers, in my conclusive opinion, isn't worth mending; his forefathers had better have him. I only envy him. (4.40)

Epikhodov is also somewhat of a lazy, impertinent employee. Like Yasha, he probably wouldn't mind if the faithful Fiers died. But in the face of Dunyasha's rejection, he's become casually suicidal himself.

Quote #11

FIERS. [Lying down] I'll lie down. ...You've no strength left in you, nothing left at all. ... Oh, you ...bungler! [He lies without moving.] (1.134)

Chekhov doesn't come out and say it, but it looks like Fiers has died. Lubov and Gaev, despite their affection for Fiers, have departed without leaving provision for him.

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