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Chiron Photos

    Young Master Achilles
    He was a good pupil, but he never did take the danger of that heel seriously. [Roman Fresco, 65-79 C.E.; currently at the National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy]

    Archery Lessons
    Achilles always had a natural acuity with the bow. Look at him go. [The Education of Achilles by Eugène Delacroix, 1862]

    An Ill-Advised Shot
    It's never wise to take a shot at the Erotes. [The Education of Achilles by Chiron by Donato Creti, 1714]

    Music Lessons
    The harp didn't immediately appeal to Achilles, but soon he was playing like a Muse. He did have a good teacher, after all. [The Education of Achilles by James Barry, 1772]

    Riding Lessons
    Some might think it's undignified to teach my pupils how to ride on my own back, but I place safety first and would never trust them to a common horse. [The Education of Achilles by Chiron by Pierre Paul Puget, 1690]

    Geography Lessons
    Oh, how I wish I'd never had to show young Achilles the city of Troy on a map. [The Education in Geography of the Young Achilles by the Centaur Chiron by Antonio María Zanetti, 1752]

    Athena and Me
    Athena is a truly worthy goddess. But come on, don't mess with the hair. [Minerva und der Kentaur by Sandro Botticelli, 1482-1483]

    My Unruly Cousins
    This is why I could never abide by centaur conventions. [The Battle of the Centaurs and the Lapiths by Piero di Cosimo, 1500-1515]