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The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War


by Robert Cormier

Archie Costello Timeline and Summary

  • Archie tells Obie that they'll be giving Jerry an assignment having to do with chocolates.
  • Soon after, Archie meets with Brother Leon and agrees, on behalf of The Vigils, to help make the chocolate sale a success.
  • When The Goober appears before The Vigils, Archie assigns him to vandalize Room Nineteen.
  • Archie hangs out with Emile Janza, and we learn that Archie has an incriminating picture of Emile.
  • Archie joyfully watches Room Nineteen fall apart.
  • Archie and Emile meet up again. We learn that there really is no picture, but Emile thinks there is one. Archie tells Emile he'll get the picture back when he does something Archie has planned for him to do.
  • Archie gets a phone call from Brother Leon, pressuring him to a) make Jerry sell chocolates, and b) make sure all the chocolates get sold.
  • Next, Archie summons Jerry to appear before The Vigils and tries to convince him to sell chocolates. Archie's threats don't work.
  • Soon after, John Carter puts Archie on "probation" until all chocolates are sold.
  • Archie meets up with Emile and tells Emile that he should have beat Jerry up himself, not used a gang of thugs. Then he confesses that he doesn't really have an incriminating picture of Emile, and hints that Emile is a candidate for The Vigils.
  • Archie begins planning the raffle, and he convinces Jerry and Emile to show up for it.
  • After the raffle is shut down, Brother Jacques confronts him about his part in it.
  • Brother Leon shows up and defends Archie.
  • Archie and Obie talk for a while in the bleachers, and then walk home together.